Hiya! I'm a product and experience designer making magic with AR/VR and delightful interfaces, seeking feasible solutions to real-world issues. 

Currently designing AI tools @ Nexxt Intelligence, prev. General Motors, STEAMLabs, & more. 

inca AI: using NLP to assist researchers in discovering insights faster // growth product design

Most digital market research solutions simply help researchers conduct interviews online, the same way they would in-person. We seek to innovate the whole process, and optimize it for digital. Skip straight to my work designing NLP Targets. 

Potluck: community rewards sharing built on mutual aid principles  // product design, UI

A bagel chain gave free bagels to everyone on the block, except the homeless man sitting outside, because he wasn't a loyalty program member. Let's change that. (Heads-up: we fail and pivot a lot in this one.) 

VeniceGO: simplifying wayfinding in Europe’s most labyrinthine city // design research, UX

Did you know GPS doesn't work in Venice's alleyways? Neither did I, till we did the research—and no, we didn't get to visit Venice. 

Now for some magic: 

Welcome to my experiential playground. Here I'm trying out some new ways we can interact with the world through tech, because interacting with AR through buttons isn't just boring—it's wasted potential. 

Naruto Wear: immersive play systems with wearables 

ALCHAMATION: gamified augmented reality that encourages social collaboration 

HelloFresh AR concept: teaching novices how to cook with interactive recipes 

a little reminder to hydrate & stretch :0 

okay, and now you can keep browsing, or get in touch

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